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So after the service gets the children for A, you need to assign the resulting List (or Observable Collection) to A. A lot depends on how and where you are adding items from the service call. Here's a question: when the web service returns is it replacing the collection? When the treeview initially binds, it's binding to a specific object instance so the web service should be adding items to the existing observable collection rather than replacing it.

For example, what type, exactly, is Root Items in your example? In case you're using Data Context and proper data binding technique, update of the Tree View Item can be achieved by connecting Property Changed to each item and deriving Tree View Item like mentioned below (resetting Data Context and template of the tree item).

You Should Notify Property Change("Sub Cust Value") in the setter of your Sub Cust Value.

The change is not being reflected in the UI because when you Notify Property Change() the entire collection, instead of the indiviual property of the individual item, WPF detects it is actually the same instance (the same object reference to the same collection) as before, so nothing seems to have changed.

It has to be an Observable Collection to reflect your collection changes in the UI Or else for quick workaround, just set the Data Context again after you filled the List.

I have stepped in and the set method of the Selected Customer is being called, and I then follow the On Property Changed("Customer Summary Details") call which goes into the "get" method of the Customer Summary Details property as expected.

I have delved into the value of the returned collection at this point, and the value within the list is the updated value, however nothing is getting reflected on the GUI, so I am puzzled as it seems the GUI is calling the get method to update it on the On Property Changed() call, but it is not reflecting visually.

Im designing an MVVM WPF app, and have a View Model which has a property called Selected Customer, of type Customer.

This object has a property called Summary Details of type Observable Collection which renders into a List View, line by line.

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