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How do we increase our emotional and social intelligence?

There’s definitely arguments against that, if we look at the proliferation of dating apps and the way we can swipe through 200 people on the toilet, and the idea that that’s made us view people as more disposable.

BC: The problem that’s going to make the most impact on our lives is helping people communicate. We’re spending more time communicating via streams versus in person.

I [would like to see] technology that can solve the problem of how we can communicate better with our children, our lovers, our friends, and other people.

There’s concern around the dolls you can make—child sex dolls entered the market in the U. That idea of how our brains are changing, and we’re becoming attached to objects and seeing them as something that can potentially replace us, is definitely concerning. There’s nobody regulating the sex tech industry in terms of what’s being developed.

The reason I started the podcast is to ask the ethical questions around "What are we designing?

The fact that people could have rich, varied sex lives without ever leaving their couches both fascinated and frightened her.If we look at young people and how they learn to communicate via Instagram and Snapchat, that's a different kind of interaction.True emotional intelligence and being able to read people and body language? Any technology that can enhance education around communication is going to improve our lives.In 2017, JWT’s global intelligence report hailed 2017 as the year of "vagina-nomics." Vaginas and economics are coming together like never before.Body image and female sexual pleasure, which have previously remained on the fringes of discourse, are rapidly being embraced in mainstream media.

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Glamour: What are the most exciting sex tech inventions you've seen lately?

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