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However, to protect yourself from certain forms of man-in-the-middle attacks, and to prevent your customers from seeing Mixed Content warnings in modern browsers, you must serve the page containing the payment form over HTTPS as well.In short, the address of the page containing Elements must start with https:// rather than just i need to validate either single or multiple ui-select with required attribute and get html5 required popup like it happens with normal html5 select - can anybody tell me if there's a solution for that ? I've tried fixes in 10 - they don't seem to resolve issue) @shenlong did you manage to find solution to have ui-select single/multiple to validate required attribute and show popup like on the simple html5 select ? I could have used the patch mentioned in the thread but just don't want to mess up my dependencies in any way.tnx Can anyone please tell me how can we extend the directive mentioned above to accomodate the checking of validation only when the element is visible ? Thanks There are chances of getting model Value as undefined and therefore checking both model Value and view Value seems to be a better for that i have put the fix in your custome Model Ctrl.$is Empty = function (model Value) ; @gsf-greece I try version 0.11.1 and still not working so I go back to version 0.9.9, because, initially, my project use 0.9.9, then use the method posted above and finally got it works. The patch is not working for ui-select version 0.11.2 I forked a preview here: EFh18tlc KP1Yen?If you are not familiar with the process of buying SSL certificates and integrating them with your server to enable a secure HTTPS connection, check out our security documentation for more information.

Here my commit : patou/[email protected] Hello, I am not expert building with the tools provided by gulp for example, but, for a project, I helped to my team to make this work, and using with the code that I modified seems to work perfectly and the ng-required is validated correctly when a form is submitted! Comments should be reserved for constructive discussion/issue resolution.Learn more about how the keys play into test and live modes.Use the available style options of Elements when customizing the design of your payment form.const style = ; // Create an instance of the card Element const card = elements.create('card', ); // Add an instance of the card Element into the `card-element` Element simplifies the form and minimizes the number of fields required by inserting a single, flexible input field that securely collects all necessary card details.Refer to our reference documentation for a full list of Element types that are supported. To help your customers catch mistakes, you should listen to Congrats!

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