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And we won’t be hoovered back into a situation that we know isn’t healthy for us.Nor will we try to hoover someone back into a relationship that isn’t healthy for them. We don’t care about your “Dating for Dummies” or whatever you want to call this new way of interacting.We’re not doing any of the things that you’ve come to expect from dating.We won’t bench you if we don’t want you, because we know that’s unkind to let you think that one day we might change our minds, when we know we won’t.I want a dating culture where we listen to our intuition, try to meaningfully connect with other people and are honest when it’s just not working for us.Wouldn’t it be a novel experience to date without the artifice? Because I like who I am—and I want the person I’m with to be crazy about me for me, not for some idea of me or some version of me they hope I’ll change into one day.It seems that 'playing it cool' isn't in vogue anymore either.A third of respondents said they would text back within a quarter of an hour, with only five percent saying they’d wait as long as two hours.

We’re not just going to sit around in an undefined state for six months wondering if we’re actually in one.

Perhaps if there’s chemistry with that connection, it could lead to something more.

But I feel that those of us who have grown tired and disgusted with the current culture of dating have a responsibility to be the ones to change it. We don’t wait to text you back in exactly the number of minutes that went by before you responded. Hell, if we’re interested, we ask you out on a date (no, not to “hang out”).

According to a new study exploring the dos and don'ts of dating, you shouldn't lock lips until the second date or connect on Facebook until at least the third.

And don't even dream of jumping into bed with them before the fourth rendezvous.

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