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As part of their protocol, Doe Run reviews all past surface and underground prospecting data (both log books and core samples) and checks in with work crews to discuss any significant underground mineral observations to ensure that valuable mineralization will not be stranded and unattainable.During this process, the mine geology group noted copper mineralization had been observed in sections of the mine floor during the mining crew’s final pass through the area.The review processes identified the core log entries from 1981, which supported the initial rationale for mining the area.“Our mine geologists reviewed the core samples that indicated six ore runs were originally identified in the area of the Brushy Creek Mine,” said Moellering.

Although it's being hosted in Chatham, it's open to everyone.

uccessful mining starts with strong investigative skills and sound interpretation skills.

“We are using data to help create a picture of what’s underground, long before we ever sink a mine shaft and cut a drift (underground tunnel),” said George Moellering, exploration manager at Doe Run’s Southeast Missouri Mining and Milling (SEMO) Division.

“Five of those ore runs represented the upper zone of the Bonneterre Formation, which we had been mining for decades.

The sixth ore run on the core sample represented a new zone on a previously unmined level of the mine, some 100 feet below our mined areas, near the Lamotte sandstone.” This sixth run, indicated in the core sample, was ignored over the years because a series of surface exploration drilling did not suggest strong mineralization.

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