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“The way you end up on those weeklies, is that at one point, you invited it in,” explains one top flack to the stars. Looking at her efforts to break out of that mold, a problem arises: She can’t.

She’s forever “Jennifer Aniston”; she hasn’t proven that she’s the kind of actress who can vanish into a period piece, or completely transform herself into a role.

But with "Friends," Aniston suddenly found herself at the top of the celebrity heap while dominating much of the publicity of an ensemble cast that boasted the likes of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry.

Meanwhile, she began a strong second career in features that allowed her to display a wider array of talent.

There was much press in about how all traces of Rachel vanished as she played a beaten-down checkout girl; you would have thought she had gained 150 pounds and was wearing a prosthetic hump.

Instead, she looked like Rachel dressing up as a Wal-Mart employee for Halloween. She’s shown a vaguely depressed side, but not a dark side. While she is undoubtedly a star, she has not proven that she can reliably open a movie on her own.

Recently, morning gab shows, newspapers, and just about every media outlet on Earth giddily reported that Jennifer Aniston’s credit card had been packed with fraudulent charges by a beauty salon.

But that acting needs to be standing up already before the paparazzi bulbs dim, or she will have lost her window.

Her attempts to broaden her comedic acting roles are promising, but she needs to act relatively quickly.

Hard as it is to believe, the tabloids will not remain fascinated by her love life forever: Eventually a younger female star will develop a new strain of epic recurring romantic trouble that gossip scientists can only imagine of today.

But for all of the media scrutiny, her box-office record is middling.

Her most successful films have been ones in which she plays the appendage to a loud, frantic comic actor or dog, as in PEERS: Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway are slightly ahead of her on the “Get me ____ for this romantic comedy!

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But she’s not that believable in a [dramatic] role. She’s ‘Rachel.’ Okay, but then do ‘Rachel’ at the highest level: Alexander Payne. You have to try and put her in with really great directors.” However, while Aniston has a good reputation for being easy to work with, another agent says that few high-level directors may want to take her on because of her public profile: “These giant stars … how do you take them out of ‘celebrity,’ take it away from them, almost, so that it won’t take [moviegoers] out of the movie when you see Jennifer Aniston in the film?

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