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Most of the action is all concentrated on the biggest central island though with enormous cities that are busy producing the future; most of the world’s hi-tech industry is centred here whilst the computers, phones and robots are actually made across the water in China and Korea.Japan was the big economic miracle of the 20th century and became the flagship for gratuitous consumerism.In the 80’s money grew on plastic designer trees and the malls were full of happy Japanese shoppers carrying home the latest accessories from Gucci, Prada and Louis Vitton.The bubble had to burst sooner or later though and nowadays the Japanese have been cast upon rocky times indeed.

Here’s a guide to all the quirks of multi-cultural dating, relationships and picking up girls and guys around the world.The Greeks have a poor time of it when it comes to their romantic image – sure, they had the original gods of Eros and Aphrodite, not to mention those dashing young heroes, Jason and Hercules – but the culture of catamites and homosexuality lingers on and makes Greeks the butt of dirty jokes in Europe today.You might imagine that the beaches of Greece would be full of olive-skinned Greek girls and guys lying half-naked in the sun…And while Asian women are often quite similar in looks with straight black hair and doll-like faces, there’s often a petite, demure grace missing from the masculinized women of the West.Some would of course say that the longing for Asian girls shows a fear of women and that travelers who come looking for romance in the East just can’t take a real relationship.

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A lot has been said about this but in all honesty places like London, Oslo and San Francisco are just as pricey.

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