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While not all dog enthusiasts insist that their pup sleep in their bed and wear designer outfits, most dog lovers consider their canine to be an important member of their family.

Dating a dog lover can pose both rewards and challenges, including some “do’s” and “don’ts” to approaching this relationship.

You will not face this problem when you are dating a dog lover because, quite frankly, dogs love to cuddle.

Cuddling comes with the job of raising a pup, so they are pros at canoodling by default.

Those who like dogs think that are gross for not embracing such a true sign of love.

However, it has been scientifically established that people who own dogs are much happier and healthier. With their playful attitude and affectionate loyalty, dogs bring instant happiness into your lives.In fact, dog lover partners are super-patient when it comes to your shortcomings and problems because their dogs have taught them the virtues necessary to maintain a healthy relationship, both with dogs and other humans. They will begin to look and act like their dog, in the best way possible People believe that after some time, owners start looking like and behaving like their dogs.Unless you are a dog lover, you will not understand the advantages of this transformation until it happens to you or someone you know.Most people have baseline criteria that their potential partners must fulfill in order to pass the initial test and actually begin a relationship with them.For some, it’s impeccable grammar or basic hygiene, while others seek a special someone with an easygoing attitude and a sense of humor.

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