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The leaves have hot steam passed through them for 50 seconds reducing unwanted bacteria.

This steaming process also re-introduces moisture into the leaves.

After this second stage of fermentation, the leaves are brought to an area of the factory to be made into compressed bricks of tea.

The process begins with the tea leaves being sprayed with a “secret ingredient” handed down from generation to generation, and likely produced from prior batches of PHatea®.

Gardner dangles around a sliding Miami defender and tries to jam a puck five-hole on Larkin.

This process is a natural fermentation of the tea leaves.PHatea® does not want this browning to occur on its leaves.Next, a process called “kneading” or “smashing” is done in which leaves are tumbled to change them to a more compact, easily handled shape.The first step from here is to perform a process called “kill green” or “cooking” which is low heat applied to the leaves to deactivate the oxidation enzymes triggered by removal of the leaf from the live plant.This deactivation stops the natural oxidation process of the leaf, the process we know more commonly as the “browning” which occurs for example, when an apple has been cut in half and begins to turn brown.

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