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He was browsing the Valentine’s Day rack of black, lacy thongs, teddies and garters.It appeared to me that he was shopping for his twenty something girlfriend.I see many women in their 50's and 60's struggling to find a good man after a divorce because men are dating younger women and it makes me sad.These women should not have to date a 70 or 80 year old.Older guy younger woman only lasts for a period of time and then it just doesn’t work anymore. It’s sad because when any relationship ends it hurts, and despite the age difference, if you spend a large amount of time with someone, you begin to care for them, and ending it hurts.Also, I’m not saying that every older guy younger woman relationship is doomed. I have many guy friends who are in their forties and fifties who tell me they prefer to date women around their age.

Click here to read a free chapter of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce...Now I'm in my mid 40's told I'm attractive, financially well off, in decent shape so a few showed some interest.It was flattering pretty much till I really started talking to them. Nothing in common with them and could see being with them for anything but physical attraction. Currently I am dating a lady slightly older than I who is absolutely interesting to talk to, plus she knows what she is doing in intimate settings. For me its the conversation and interaction that makes a woman interesting. Some date them after divorce to feel young, strong, sexual, etc. A couple in their 40's, 50's or 60's gets divorced and the husband takes up with a woman 20 or sometimes even 30 years younger. I think many men, after a divorce, think they have something to prove.Meanwhile, the wife is faced with dating men 20 or more years older than herself because men typically prefer younger women after they divorce. To be able to date a younger woman makes them feel younger, more attractive and vital.

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She will probably want to start a family at some point and is at a completely different stage in her life.

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