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My dad was a Muslim, but didn't practice and my mum was from a christian background.

If he is non practicing why is it an issue for you?

I have started to now think about the fact he is a muslim and what, if any, future we could have together. I'm guessing that he isn't strict muslim as he doesn't go to mosque very much, if ever, drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes. I am Catholic, though no longer practise and have an 8 yr old from a previous relationship, but was never married.

There are many rules for Muslims and religiously speaking he is doing so many things wrong that I wouldn't worry yourself. I just don't know how devout he would be if we were to work out and get married and have children.

It did confuse me very much, as I felt he chose to ignore Islam when it suited him.

It didnt work out with us, but I hope it does with you, you both need to talk , it is early days, but you need to know where you stand... Michelle Hi I Am A Muslim Convert My Self i Convereted Way Before i married My Husband But Just A Point A Muslim Man Can Marry a Christain or Jewish Lady Its just Musim Who Need To Marry Muslims.

I love islam so much because men (most men, not all!! my husband doesnt look at other women, he'll change the channel if a half naked women is on it! where as my ex would chat to half naked women on the internet!! Hi I think with most Muslim, if they practice or not, that Islam is still in there heart, and when it comes to the real commitments, they need to do it correct by there religion My daughters father is a Muslim, he drank, smoked, had sex etc....

but when it came to the serious things they had to be right , in respect of his Muslim family.

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Hmmm...reading my post back, I have confused myself now! I agree that any differences there may be are more likely cultural than religious.

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