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These are usually held in high quality bars or restaurants in London, Leeds and Birmingham.If you attend an event, you can contact guests from the event through the website for free for two weeks after each event.Our dating services are aimed at Hindu Singles who are of Indian Asian ancestry.The majority of our Hindu members are looking for a serious relationship or marriage.

The ODA Code of Practice is binding on members of the Association.By Nov 2014 I had given up and removed myself from all other internet sites but left my profile on Asian Single Solution as I still had 10 credits left. He looked at my profile on the 30th Dec and I was sent a message from ASS to say people had looked at my profile. Our users are Hindu, Sikh and Muslim professionals.I looked at his profile and thought he looked really nice and we h I met Sukhjit on your Asian Single Solution site and I am truly grateful to you for that. Finally, we started talking on the phone and we just clicked. If you are most interested in our events, you can easily hide your profile from the Online Dating service.The Single Solution is the UK's most successful dating and events service for British Sikh professionals.We have over 25,000 Asian members in total, and of those around 7000 are Sikh.

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