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That the conclusion feels so heartbreaking is testimony to what an effective job Kerslake does providing a glimpse of Goldstein’s personality and talent—by the movie’s end, it feels for the viewer almost like losing a friend.There are times when the manic pace of can feel seizure-inducing, but the film’s style never feels at odds with its subject, instead offering a sense of his creative energy.But eventually he got clean and absorbed himself in sobriety.“I lived in AA, and I would visit the world,” he says in archive footage.traced the Nirvana frontman’s path from a cherubic toddler to a stringy-haired, strung-out icon of angst.By juxtaposing musicians’ unhappy childhoods and self-destructive tendencies with their fierce musical genius, both films seem dubious about whether exceptional creativity and personal contentment can co-exist.(childhood trauma, addiction, tremendous musical dexterity), but somehow has a better grasp of its subject’s humanity than so many movies that have come before.Perhaps that’s because there’s less mythology to filter out: In 2009, the year he was found dead in his New York City apartment after overdosing on crack cocaine and prescription drugs, Adam Goldstein (a.k.a.

At the same time, he filmed a reality show for MTV in which he helped struggling addicts get clean, all of which put him right back in primary contact with drugs.The movie posits that his love of mashups predicted our current attention-deprived, genre-busting internet culture, but his love of word play and manipulating hip-hop sounds also put him on the map as one of the first superstar DJs not playing electronic dance music. He got a million-dollar contract for a Vegas residency.He guest-starred on The movie, via the friends and colleagues Kerslake interviews about Goldstein’s rise to fame and fortune, insists that he remained entirely down-to-earth and humble during this period, even while it’s splicing together images of him front row at a fashion show with Paris Hilton, or posing in front of a private jet.At a news conference last month, Goldstein said he wanted to help others because he had escaped death twice as a former addict and crash survivor."There's no reason why I should have lived or why I lived and they didn't," Goldstein said. So I have to do something better with my life this time."Goldstein was not married.Information on survivors was [email protected] staff writer Maria-Elena Fernandez contributed to this report.

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