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When Beth Davis joined the ranks of the United States Air Force Academy's cadets in 1999 with the class of 2003, it was high summer, and she thought the campus setting was awe-inspiring.

At that time of year, the wind blows down from the Rockies, sweeping across the vast green acreage known as the Terrazzo, which, marbled by white, sunlit pathways, forms the heart of the 18,000-acre wooded campus, built in 1958.

Air Force Academy she'd been raped by another cadet, she was punished.

It chases cadet units—the wing is divided into 36 squadrons—off the Terrazzo and into Mitchell Hall, the three-story, 1.5-acre dining area, one of the largest mass-dining facilities in the world, where the entire cadet wing of 4,000 men and women assemble to consume meals in 20 minutes flat.Meanwhile, the Fowler panel has singled out one current administrator, Brigadier General David Wagie, and two former academy officials, Brigadier General Taco Gilbert and Colonel Laurie Sue Slavec, for review by the Defense Department inspector general—a move that likely ensures the end of their military careers.Major General John Dallager, the academy's former superintendent—the school's equivalent of president—was reprimanded in July, and later forced to retire with two instead of three stars.But in 1996, when the Supreme Court ordered the publicly funded military academy to admit women, it was up to Bunting to find a way to peacefully and safely matriculate female cadets. "It was much worse than what I had ever expected to find," he confessed.Women make up roughly 16 percent of the Air Force Academy's cadet wing (as the student body is referred to).

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