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There are vacant storefronts all over the city, including 5th Avenue.

A critical thinking person might question the “strong economy” narrative being spun by the politicians and media.

The producers made certain to stress the danger of screens.

The government, with cooperation from the Silicon Valley media corporations and the mass media propaganda fake news networks, is trying to control the masses through their multiple screens.

It’s mind boggling how developers can continue to build, while the economy in most of the country stagnates.

My sore feet and swollen knee confirm that calculation.After that uplifting experience, it was time to do something totally shallow.We walked a few blocks to a rooftop bar where they charge for an Amstel Light, the cheapest drink on the menu.His plea to the people sitting there helpless and unwilling to intervene really hit home for me.As our government further cracks down on our freedoms and tightens the reins on this increasingly dangerous surveillance state, standing idly by as others are targeted will ultimately lead to our own downfall.

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